5 Minute DIY

Monday, February 27, 2012

Some projects are not extremely involved...or even planned. Sometimes I just feel inspired, and they just come to me. I recently tackled a project just like this. I had nothing but cleaning on my list of to-do's, and then something crossed my mind. As I was dusting these cute little white shelves in our bathroom I thought to myself...these are too perfect! 

I know what you are thinking...too perfect? You see...these shelves are home to some of my husbands antlers (a rustic accessory that I don't mind.) The shelves are crisp and clean with beautiful curves. Sounds like a perfect example of cabin chic, right? 

Well, I knew that I could take these shelves and the bathroom to a new level with...drumroll please...sandpaper! After cleaning the shelves I took a sheet of sandpaper (we always have a couple sheets laying around for some reason) and sanded the edges. Some edges I sanded more than others. The end result...two perfectly rustic (cabin chic) shelves. 

The moral of this story...keep sandpaper handy. You never know when you are going to want to add a little rustic touch to something. 

I am so pleased with the way these turned out. I had every intention of replacing them at some point, but I think they will be around for a while. The sanded edges were just what they needed! 

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