Beautiful Blooms

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yesterday I shared my DIY planter project with you! I am still in love with these little pots, but they couldn't sit empty forever. That is right...I have officially planted my first flower! My grandma will be so proud (if I can keep them alive!)

I needed a flower that would hold up to the sun. The planters and flowers were meant to decorate the front steps (which have absolutely no shade!) I finally settled on the Dwarf Celosia. These flowers have a beautiful texture and need 6+ hours of sunlight. Perfect! Bonus: the tag said easy to grow! 

I was excited to get these little beauties in there new planter homes, but I had a couple of steps to take care of first. The first thing that I did was place some rocks in the bottom of the pots. Then I placed a used dryer sheet on top of the rocks. These steps will help with draining. 

After those steps are done you can add a little bit of potting soil. Then you can plant your flowers!!! (This was the part that I was excited about!) Make sure you break up the root ball a little bit before you place it in the pot. Then just fill in with more potting soil. Done! 

Aren't they cute? 

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