Little Owl

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There has always been this little owl on one of the posts in our backyard. It was painted white and blended in with the white wood. However, every time I looked out the backdoor I noticed this little owl looking back. So the other day I got a litte help from Dane and we took him down! Don't worry, I put him back up there...but not before giving him a coat of paint. I am really enjoying the turquoise that I used on my planters. little owl friend got painted a pretty turquoise. 

Once he was dry I put him back in his spot. Now he doesn't seem to be hiding. I like to think that this little piece has some kind of a story. I am sure that he severed some sort of purpose at one time, but I am not sure what that purpose is.

For now his purpose is adding a bit of lovely to our back yard. 

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