Kitchen Decoratin'

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have been trying to find the perfect little items for my kitchen, and I really wanted to find a large wooden spoon and fork to hang on the wall. Well, I didn't find any...BUT my grandma found these babies...aren't they awesome!?

Okay, so they needed a little bit of a makeover, but that was not a problem. They were not wooden...they were actually ceramic. I couldn't just sand the mushrooms off (Dane was going to try). Instead, I filled them in with some drywall mud that we had left over from the front porch. Once they mud was all dry, I sanded it smooth and painted the spoon and fork white. I did sand some of the edges to make them look a little rustic. I love them...AND I think Dane does too! 

What do you think? They don't even look the same!

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