Bakin' Some Bread

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Woohoo! My friendship bread turned 10 days old yesterday! If you have ever made friendship bread before you know what that means...time to bake! If you haven't heard of friendship bread (don't feel bad...I hadn't until 10 days ago) I will tell you a bit about it! Someone gives you a starter. My aunt gave me one on Easter (you can read more about that here). The starter comes with some instructions that you have to follow for the next 10 days. Most days you just have to mush the bag around to keep the ingredients mixed up. On day 5 you have to add a few things to the bag, and keep mushing. On day 10 you get to add some more ingredients, divide some of the mixture into 4 bags to give to your friends and family! The rest of the mixture is added to and baked into some very yummy bread! A slice of bread seems like the perfect way to celebrate my 100th blog post! Yes, you read that right...this is blog post number 100! Yippee! 

I managed to make it through the whole nurturing and feeding process, but how did it taste? That was the real question! Dane LOVED it, and I sure am glad. I don't think I would have ever lived down ruining the friendship bread that he had been dreaming about for the last 10 days! AND...I have already given away my 4 starters! Friendships are great, and so is friendship bread! 

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