Pick a Peck of Peppers (and Tomatoes)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am so excited about our little garden! Dane and I attempted planting some peppers and other veggies last year, but that was a giant FAIL! However, this year we have a pretty nice crop of peppers and tomatoes! We started out with some pretty little plants that I potted in my DIY planters. (I did paint over them again...I was going for a more rustic/neutral look this year.) I also sprinkled a little bit of Scott's Flower and Vegetable Food into the soil when I planted them. The only other thing I have really done is water them. 

I can see some homemade salsa in our future...sounds like a good reason to throw a fiesta! Who is in? 

All of the plants are doing great! However, I do think that I will put them in larger pots next year. AND I took out most of my DIY Garden Labels. They all started to fall apart...DIY fail! Guess I should have asked Dad to do it! ;)

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