Sunday, April 13, 2014

I love buying fabric. It is kind of becoming a problem...I have a pretty large stock pile of fabric that I "had to have", and I haven't found a use for it yet. However, that hasn't stopped me from looking for more fun fabrics to buy for future projects.
I recently found Spoonflower, a website that has tons of great fabric...you can even design your own! I have been trying to dream up some projects for some of my favorite fabrics. Anyone need a baby blanket covered in whales?!

Here are a few of the fabrics that I am smitten with!

Underwater Pool PartyHappies of RainCharcoal Deer Head
Watercolor Fox AquaFreeform Arrows NavyArrows Scattered
Mod Mint Triangle(I) love lettersVintage Camera

Are you in love yet?!

There are just so many options! If you come over to my house and find it full of colorful throw pillows, don't be surprised!

You can find a couple of my sewing projects here, here, and here.

(This is not a sponsored post.)

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