Wreath...Yes, Another One

Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay, I think I may have a slight addiction. I have been on Pinterest a lot lately (no, that is not what I am addicted to). I have just been looking for some simple and fun DIY project to try and share with all of you. However, I have recently started to notice a trend...I seem to be pinning a lot of wreaths! It really isn't problem (the wreaths are adorable), but I am collecting quite the stockpile of door decor. So...I am sorry, but this is another DIY wreath post.

I made a cute fall yarn wreath earlier this month, and it is now hanging out on one of our kitchen walls. Shortly after making that wreath I found this tutorial, and I fell in love with the fullness of the tulle wreath. Of course I had to try to make it!

The supply list is short and sweet: 
Styrofoam Wreath Form 
Tulle (I used two spools) 
Extra Decorations (optional) 

I started out by cutting my tulle. I used black tulle and black, glittery tulle, and I cut each strip about 12 inches. You can make your strips smaller or larger if you would like, but I found that I liked the look of the 12 inch strips. Then I began tying the tool around wreath form. I tied the tulle in a pattern of 4 and 2. I tied 4 black strips on and then I tied 2 glittery strips. Note: I would not make a wreath entirely out of glittery tulle. I don't think it would be fluffy enough.

I admired my pretty, little wreath for a few days before I decided what to decorate it with. This wreath is intended for Halloween (yeah, I know it isn't even October...i like decorating). I thought it would be fun to decorate with some shiny spiders. However, I couldn't find any shiny spiders. So...I had to make my own! 

I picked up a bag of 100 spider rings at Wal-Mart for about $2.00...I already had some silver spray paint on hand so I didn't need anything else. 

After cutting off the ring on the back of the spider I spread them out on a piece of paper and sprayed away. 

I quickly found out that the color still kind of shows through the paint, and I really liked the look of the purple, painted spiders. So, I ended up spraying some more of those for my wreath. 

Once the spiders were dry I hot glued them into place on the wreath. 

I think this will add the perfect touch to my Halloween decorations! Don't worry, I took it down. I am not going to decorate for Halloween yet. 



It's My Birthday!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It is my birthday! Today is going to be a wonderful day. No balloons, no streamers, no party hats, just me, my family, and another day to spend together. I am not exactly thrilled about turning 24, but I am am extremely thrilled about all of the fun that I will have on this day. I am also grateful for all that I have learned in my 24 years. Anyway...I thought I would share some pictures with you. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! 



Lovely Posts From the Week

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am in desperate need of some paint organization! There is a very small amount of paint in some of my gallon containers, but I can't throw it away (there are going to be some paint touch ups in the future). I love this idea from iHeart Organizing, and I am sure I will be doing this very soon! 

I absolutely love the pop of color on these glasses. The DIY looks so easy! Check it out on BRIT+CO. I may have to make some of these little beauties. This would be a great way to dress up some dollar store glasses. 

DIY chalkboard paint...yes please! I am more than a little addicted to chalkboard paint (if you don't believe me ask my refrigerator)! I don't think Dane would have let me paint the fridge turquoise, but this shade is beautiful! What should I paint next? 

Okay...clearly I had paint on my mind when I wrote this post. I may have to tackle some of these fun DIYs in the next couple of weeks. 



My Life is Happy and Peaceful

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make me smile. Today was a wonderfully beautiful day. The weather was devine, I was surprised by a friend who I haven't seen for a long time, and this fortune was waiting for me at lunch! How can you have a bad day with a fortune like this? You can't! However, it isn't necessarily true. My life is happy and peaceful! There is no "will be" about it. 

I feel extremely blessed to be where I am. I have a wonderful, supportive husband, an incredible family, great friends, and amazing opportunities ahead of me. I cannot wait to see what the coming months bring. 

P.S. Sorry that I have not written in a while. I have been very busy this week, but I plan on getting on a schedule very soon! There will be another post tomorrow...and I have some DIY projects to share with you soon! 


September 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wow...this post is way past due! I have been meaning to do this post for a while, but I got sidetracked by some fun DIY projects. Anyway...September is here (and almost halfway gone)! I love September...probably because it is the month of my birthday! It is has already been a great month (not that I am surprised), but more on that a bit later. 

First, let's talk about August! 

August was a great month! I had a lot of time to spend with family and friends, and I used that time to its fullest! I went on several little adventures during the month of August: I went to Raging Rivers, got to watch a couple of my brother's football games, spent a day at Carlyle Lake (and had s'mores!), and spent a lot of time reading! I didn't get as many home projects done that I would have liked to, but I was very busy with photography (I took pictures of my beautiful sister-in-law and her beautiful wedding!)

What do I have planned for September? The answer...a lot! I have already done a couple of DIY projects (you can see them here and here). However, there will be many more this month. There are several fall decorations that I want to get done! I also have some house projects that I want to finish up this month, and I am thinking about giving you a little house tour later this month. AND... I will be making a very big announcement regarding Brittney Laine Photography later this week! (Yes, you should be excited!) I am going to have to pencil in some time to celebrate my birthday! ;) 

I will keep you updated on all of my projects. Here is a September calendar for your iPhone (sorry it is so late).


Decorating for Fall

Monday, September 10, 2012

I am so excited for fall! I know that it is a little early to start decorating, but I really just can't help it. So...I decided to make a wreath! I made a wreath last fall, but I wanted to mix it up this year. I have been seeing yarn wreaths on Pinterest for a while, and I decided that I would attempt to make my own! 

I picked up a wreath form and some yarn at Wal-Mart. The first step is to wrap the form with your yarn. This takes a while, but it isn't difficult (if I do this project again I will use a thicker yarn).

After the wreath was wrapped entirely I decorated it with some cute burlap rosettes. I had a couple of small squares of burlap left over from our wedding, and I just made the rosettes the same way I did here (it is not as easy to do with burlap). I made a three little rosettes and attached them to my wreath with hot glue. I also used some extra burlap to hang the wreath. 

I love the finished look.


The Many Adventures of Dane and Brittney

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dane and I love to travel to different places. We have gone on some sort of a vacation almost every year that we have been together. I have always wanted to hang up a map with pins in the places that we have been...then I found this! Wal-Mart I went with a shopping list in hand. On the list: cork board, and pins (yeah that is all I needed!) Total cost: $8!


•Print an outline of the United States on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper.
•Cut out out the template, and trace it on the cork board. 

•Use an exacto knife to cut out the shape. (Make sure you put a magazine or something under the cork!)

•Cut a rectangle of cork and hot glue it to the back of your map.

•Print the locations in size 8 font or smaller and pin them in place. 

Now I can keep track of all of our adventures. I cannot wait to add our next pin! Who knows where it will be?! 

Making Every Drink Count

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Making a positive impact in the world is now easier than ever. There are so many companies that are doing good with the help of consumers. I always enjoy purchasing from retailers that are making a difference. I have recently found several companies that are trying to provide clean drinking water to those in need. Clean water is something that many take for granted. While comparing some of the companies that are making a difference I have learned a lot! According to, every 20 seconds a child dies from a water related illness! This information has been on my mind for a while, and I really want to encourage people to do even the smallest thing to make a difference. CamelBak is one of the many companies that is doing its part! Purchasing a Groove bottle will provide clean drinking water to one person for life! 

Another company, Faucet Face, is doing something similar. Every bottle purchased provides a minimum of 100 liters of clean drinking water. Why spend hundreds on bottled what when you can purchase one of these cool bottles and refill it again and again? 

These glass bottles will not only benefit those who receive the clean drinking water...there are several benefits for you as well! 

Do you want to do something to make a difference? Make sure you check out Charity: Water and Fishingcross for more ways to help.