Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remember the golden letters from yesterday's post? Well, I am back today to tell you all about how you can make your very own! It is a really easy DIY project. 


• Paper Mache Letters (I found them at Hobby Lobby) 

• Spray Paint (I used Rust-Oleum Hammered in a gold color...any metal looking spray paint would work)

I just took them outside and gave them a couple of coats of paint on all sides. After they dried for several hours I brought them back in. They look like heavy metal letters when they are all finished. They are perfect for sitting on a shelf or hanging up. 

I do wish they were a little taller...I would like to use them to decorate the top of my kitchen cabinets! Otherwise, I love them! They worked perfectly for Lacy's bridal shower. 

bridal shower

Golden Bridal Shower

Monday, July 30, 2012

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did! On Saturday morning I got to help throw a bridal shower for my beautiful sister-in-law! The shower was beautiful, and I think that everyone had a great time! Here are some pictures (I will be back tomorrow with a tutorial on how to make the letters)! 

Now we just have to get ready for the wedding! I can't wait!


Prayer at First and Jefferson

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today is certainly a day that I will never forget! It started out like any other day The day started out unlike any other. This morning my family had a funeral to attend. The funeral was for my sweet aunt. It was a very touching service. Margie will be greatly missed. Many friends and loved ones came to pray and show their we mourned her death we also celebrated her eternal life. However, that was not the only life that we celebrated today...more on that a bit later! 

After fellowship with family I had some errands to run before I left for Chicago. I ran to Wal-Mart, and then went back to my house to finish the last of my packing. Unfortunately, my house was 90ยบ (the air conditioner stopped working last night)! PHEW. I finished packing and decided to go up to the hospital to visit my cousin, Ceara. She is was expecting her first baby on August 13. Some recent sonograms revealed that the baby was breech, and it was determined that she was going to have to have a c-section. However, little Kinleigh didn't want to wait. Yesterday, Ceara started going into labor. The doctor decided to stop the labor, but she was going to be on bedrest in the hospital until her delivery. I visited for a while, then left for Chicago (but not before giving Ceara strick instructions to hold that baby in until I got back)! 

I was supposed to go to Chicago with my mother-in-law. I drove about 20 miles north to meet her so we could hit the road. As we were walking out the door I got a phone call. "Guess who is having a baby?" Ceara said. I couldn't believe it! She was going to have her baby only hours after I left the hospital, and I wasn't going to get to see her until I got back. I am extremely excited for her and her new little family! God blessed them with beautiful, healthy little girl (and mom is doing great too)! So, family and loved ones gathered at the hospital to celebrate this new precious life as I continued my journey to Chicago.

In the mean time my little sister was not feeling very well. She had been complaining that her stomach hurt and she had some flu symptoms. My mom decided to take her to the doctors to make sure that it wasn't appendicitis. My mom assured me that it was okay for me to go to Chicago. BUT when we reached Lincoln I got a text. Apparently, it was appendicitis and she was going to get surgery tonight. Reassured by the fact that they had caught it before it ruptured, and knowing that it was relatively common surgery I decided that I would still go to Chicago (plus I really didn't want my sweet mother-in-law to drive me all the way back). A while later I decided to call my mom to see how she was doing and get some more details about the surgery, but she didn't answer. So...I called my dad. That is when I learned that her appendix had ruptured, and she was being taken to Springfield for emergency surgery. If you know me, you know that it doesn't take much to make me cry. After receiving this news I was instantly in tears. It didn't take much convincing from Patty for me to decide that I should go back to be with my family. 

So...back to Springfield we went! However, when we got to Springfield we experienced a litte set back. Just a few blocks from the hospital (at the intersection of First and Jefferson) we were involved in a minor car accident. As we waited for the police to show up the others that were involved in the accident asked if we would like to say a prayer. We had been talking to them for a little while (it took a while for the police to arrive), but we thought it was a great idea to take a moment to thank the Lord that no one was injured. We made a small prayer circle and the nice lady began to say a her prayer. She also prayed for Brooke, my sister. 

It was this prayer at First and Jefferson that made me realize how much God had blessed this day. I don't know why, but there was a reason for this series of events. He has a plan for all of us. When I felt like I couldn't take any more I was blessed with people (even strangers) that reminded me that God was great, and that this was all part of His big plan. 

Now, I am sitting in the hospital praying for health and healing for my beautiful little sister. She is out of surgery and doing well! 

Make sure you look for God in all situations (even especially when it seems difficult to deal with). Thank you everyone for all of the prayers! 


Sweet Summers

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have spent countless summers at the lake. Last weekend I was sitting on the dock thinking about all of the past years (and taking this picture...which I am in love with). It almost feels like I grew up there. When I was little it was the place that my cousins and I would go on adventures and search for sea shells. In high school it was the place my friends and I would go on late summer nights to hang out and listen to music. In college it was the place where Dane asked me to marry him. Now it is a place I go to spend quality time with my family and relax in the sun. There are several reasons that I love it so there so much.

• It is a good place to get close to nature. 

• It is the perfect place to read my Bible and pray. 

• AND...It is the place of some of my fondest memories. (The proposal is my favorite!)

I am excited to see what future summers at the lake will hold! Until then, I will just sit back, relax, and enjoy this marvelous place with my wonderful family. 


I am loving...

Monday, July 16, 2012

It is no surprise that I am in love with Vera Bradley...especially the new fall color, Indigo Pop. I love the deep colors combined with the bright lime green! I cannot wait to get my hand on some of these items! 

1. Silicone Phone Case: I am so excited that I can cover my phone with Vera Bradley! I have been hoping that they would make phone cases for a long time! 

2. Hipster: I have always loved the Vera Bradley Tote, but I already have a couple of those in Mocha Rouge and Island Blooms. I am really loving the hipster bag! 

3. eBook Cover: I don't like to go anywhere without my cute would it be covered in this? 

These are officially on my want list. My birthday is in September...just in case you were wondering! I can't wait to add these vibrant pieces to my collection. 


Follow Your Heart

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes you have to follow your heart...even if you don't know where it is leading you.


DIY Mercury Glass

Monday, July 09, 2012

I am so excited about this seasons Pinterest Challenge! I look forward to the challenge every season, and this time I had something very cool in mind. I have been in love with mercury glass, and I have really been looking for something to go on my dresser. While looking around Pinterest I found this tutorial for DIY mercury glass. I really liked the look of the votives in the tutorial, but I needed something a little larger. I gathered some glass cylinders that I never use and decided to give them a makeover. 

The project was pretty simple. I used painters tape to protect the outside of the jar. Then I used a squirt bottle to spray a fine mist (this is a very important step) into the inside of the container. While the inside was covered in little beads of water I sprayed a light coat of Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint inside. 

The paint did run a little bit on a couple of the pieces, but I still love how they turned out! I think they are the perfect addition to our dresser. 

They are way prettier than the clear glass vases that I had before...and way cheaper than the $300 mercury glass vase lamp from Anthropologie. Actually, the whole project only cost me $10 (the cost of the paint). Pinterest Challenge success? I think so! 


Mason Jar Makeover

Thursday, July 05, 2012

So the other day I was looking around on Pintererst when I found this these mason jars pinned from Etsy. I instantly fell in love! They are so colorful and fun! However, I have several mason jars left over from our wedding, and I couldn't imagine purchasing more...even if they are pretty and reasonably priced. So, I decided to see if I could DIY some! 


•Mason jar

•Paint (white and a color of your choice)

•Paint brush


I already had all of these supplies...$0 DIY project!!!

First I cleaned out the jar, and then I poured some teal paint into it. I rolled the paint around until it covered the inside of the jar. Then I placed it upside down on a paper towel. 

While the excess paint was draining I began painting the outside of the jar with white paint. I did two coats, but I wasn't very concerned about making it look perfect (they are supposed to be rustic). 

After the white paint dried, I used the sand paper to rough it up a little. I removed all of the white paint from the lettering on the jar, and I distressed some other spots.

I am sure I will make more of these (I have plenty of mason jars). I think that a yellow one would be really pretty...or a metallic gold! What color would you put on the inside? 


It's That Time Again!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer is officially underway, and you know what that means! It means that it is time for the Pinterest Challenge! You can read more about past challenges here and here. Every season a couple of my favorite blogs host something called the Pinterest Challenge as a way to motivate people to actually make what they are pinning. I think that it is a such a great idea, and I look forward to it every season! However, last season my project never actually got finished. Don't worry, I am not going to try to sew this time. Actually, I already have an idea of what I would like to do! 

I have been looking for something decorative for our bedroom. I want something that will be beautiful and unique...and DIY of course. Lately, I have been in love with mercury glass. There are several vases at West Elm and a lamp at Anthropologie that I have pretty much been drooling over! However, a $298 lamp is not something that I can justify buying...even if it is gorgeous! Pinterest to the rescue! 

A few days ago I found a tutorial for DIY mercury glass! Just imagine my excitement! In the tutorial they made mercury glass votives, and I think they ended up looking great! Check out the pictures below! 

I have imagined something larger for our bedroom. I am going to try to replicate this with some larger vases that I already have. I will tell you all about it next Tuesday! 



Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This summer seems to be flying by. July is already here!? I am really excited about this month! There is so much going on!

•My little brother turned 20 yesterday! I cannot believe he is that old! CRAZY! We celebrated with Mom's American tacos last night! (basically she doesn't season the meat...think hamburger on a tortilla, YUM) 

•Last weekend Dane and I went on a float trip with a bunch of people he went to school with! We had so much fun, and it was really nice getting to know everyone.

•Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and I am spending the day at the lake with my family and my Bible! Sounds like a perfect day to me! 

•I have some very exciting photo shoots coming up this month that I cannot wait to share! 

• is time for the Pinterest Challenge! You can learn more about that here and here

Here is the printable July calendar! (Can you believe I posted it on the 3rd! Trust me...I am just as shocked as you are!)

I will be back tomorrow with some craft ideas that I am considering for the Pinterest Challenge! They will not involve sewing. Those poor pillows still aren't done!